passionfruit delight!
Oh the ubiquitous exclamation point! I'd like to think this one is warranted though, they are just that cute and custardy and more-ish. Particularly when served with a dollop of lemony frozen yoghurt or a drizzle of dark chocolate sauce down the side. Oh, and some fresh pulp, of course, for that extra tropical zing. The trick is to let the custards cool overnight (if possible) so that they set fully, before reheating to eat. You don't get the same lovely wobbly set custard effect if you try to eat them straight from the oven.
  • 80g butter + some for greasing
  • 1C raw sugar
  • 1 tsp pure vanilla bean extract
  • 3 eggs, separated
  • 3 tbsp self raising flour
  • 325ml milk
  • 2-3 passionfruit (enough for ⅓ cup pulp)
  • 1 kettle of hot water
How to make it
  1. Pre-heat your oven to 180C. Grease seven or so ramekins with butter (I used a mixture of tea cups and half cup ramekins and bowls) and arrange them in a large baking dish with high sides.
  2. Pop the butter and sugar into the bowl of a food processor (seriously, either that or a blender. The stand mixer will be more trouble that it is worth for this part of the recipe). Whizz the two together until they form a lovely, slightly aerated, not at all gritty paste.
  3. Add the vanilla and the three egg yolks, keeping the egg whites aside in a clean bowl. Whizz together again so that the sugar, butter, eggs and vanilla form a golden yellow paste that smells like cake stores.
  4. Pop the flour and milk in a bit at a time, blending so they come together nicely. When you have the batter all done, cut the passionfruit in half, scoop out their seeds and pop them into the batter, folding through with a spatula (and not whizzing in the processor, lest the seeds are reduced to speckles).
  5. In your big, clean bowl, beat the egg whites until they are lovely and fluffy and holding soft peaks.
  6. Carefully combine the batter and the egg whites, folding them together with your spatula so you end up with a fragrant, fluffy mix.
  7. Scoop the mixture into the buttered ramekins then put them in the oven. Before shutting the oven door, get that kettle of hot water and pour it into the large baking dish (being careful not to splash water inside the ramekins) so that the level of water goes at least half way up the sides of the ramekins). It's easier to do this once the lot is in the oven, rather than trying to carry a baking dish full of boiling water and batter half way across the kitchen!
  8. Bake for 40 minutes then remove the ramekins from the oven. Don't cut into them yet! Don' t taste them yet! They need to set still, so leave them out until fully cooled so that the custard sets into a wobbly delight. Even better, pop them in the fridge overnight to help the process.
  9. To serve, reheat the custards for just a minute in the microwave, so that they're warm to touch. (This way they'll stay set, but you'll have a lovely warm dessert). Serve with a dollop of vanilla cream or ice cream and some fresh passionfruit pulp.
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