Commercial Hvac Service Agreement Template

September 15, 2021

An HLK service contract allows a customer to use an individual or company to continue the maintenance and repair of their HLK system. This is usually a monthly retainer fee paid to a technician or company that has been commissioned to routinely test the system to ensure it is still working properly. As a rule, before the contract is signed, the service company provides for an audit during which a technician assesses the condition of the equipment. HLK contracts offer legal protection both to the company that provides HLK services and to its customers. Read 3 min Customers who spend a lot of time waiting for the appearance of their service technician will probably not highly appreciate their experience with their HLK supplier, which reduces the feeling of loyalty, should favor after-sales service agreements. As stated above, contractors can use ServiceTitan to contact any customer that is due for a particular type of bulk service, eliminating the need to track and track memberships that are due individually for the service. Some HLK suppliers refuse to offer service contracts guaranteeing maintenance costs for equipment that they deem too old to cover. For this reason, your service provider may identify part of your installation outside the scope of its coverage unless you agree to upgrades or replacements. Before you sign the contract, you get at least one additional opinion from a supplier with equivalent skills and reputation. Also check the license, insurance, and commitment status of the contractor you have selected and the technicians they employ. The requirements applicable to HLK contractors and their personnel vary from State to State and these criteria may vary depending on the type of equipment maintained or the cost of the contract or contract. A corporate services loan covers asset losses that occur when the contractor`s employees act dishonestly on your premises, while a licensed loan covers compliance with professional standards. Opting for the best HLK maintenance contract for you can be challenging, especially if the contracts are different for different companies or offer different types of coverage….