Loaner Rental Agreement

April 11, 2021

(6) In the past, no auto insurance has been applied for rents. (2) If the rental level is covered by the SIN, the SIN fee is charged for an extended lease term, after deducting the fees already paid on the SIN. (3) Has in the past a record offender with respect to rent or other commitments to the company in case of rent. 4. If the tenant is covered by the NOC support system at the conclusion of the tenancy agreement, the corresponding costs must be paid for a longer tenancy period after deducting the NOC ALREADY support fee paid. 2. The collection/removal of equipment is done personally during business hours ( only in the IT service centre. Devices left outside the office are considered abandoned and result in the loss of the privileges of the respective clients` loan program 3. I recognize that the IT Service Center reserves the right to adjust the due date or recall loan equipment before the due date. 6.

I understand that the computer centre`s loan equipment program is only a privilege. The IT SERVICES CENTRE may revoke this authorization at any time. If the tenant wishes to change the tenancy conditions of section 1 of the previous article before the conclusion of rent-A-Car`s lease (“rental agreement”), the tenant must first obtain the company`s approval. This lease also applies when Rent-A-Car is leased by another contractor to the taker, from which the company, as a rent-A-Car holder, can sign an order contract for its car rental service. (5) Subject to a report to the National Rent-A-Car Association on unpaid charges related to illegal parking or non-return of the car pursuant to Article 18, paragraph 7, or Section 24, Section 1, Section 24, for previous rents (including rents by other car rental operators). If the tenant extends the tenancy period after the agreement of the company in accordance with Article 12, Section 1, he pays a sum less than the amount (“renewal fee”) of the company at the time of the return of the rent-A-car. Article 21 (renewal tax for extension of lease term) (2) Rental contract information, such as vehicle category, Use target, term of lease, etc. 1.To renting a rental car, the tenant can, after approval of the company`s rental plan, make a reservation by providing the following information in the manner indicated by the company: the type and category of the car, the use, the start/place/period of the rental, the place of return, the driver, the necessary accessories (z.B. car seat) and other rental conditions (“rental conditions”). In the event of a dispute over law and undertaking on the basis of the tenancy agreement, the contractual court of the first procedure is a local court or summary court located at the company`s headquarters/commercial service, tenant`s office or such court to cover the address of the tenant or driver. (1) Rental from the rental period to the return date of the rental car and the equipment or rental of the duration of the rental – corresponding surelage fees, depending on what is smaller after deducting the rent already paid.

7. The IT service centre will reset the factory settings and remove all loan equipment upon return. It Service Center does not at any time assume responsibility for data stored on loan facilities. 2.The company may refuse the change mentioned in the previous section if the change affects the rental property. 1.The landlord (“company”) rents a car (“Rent-A-Car”) to tenants under the terms of this lease agreement (“lease agreement”) and the tenant agrees to rent the rental fund-A. In accordance with Article 5, Chapter 8, the taker informs and holds the driver of the part of this driving agreement, as soon as the lessor has appointed another driver, of the part of that driving agreement.