Know How Agreement

April 10, 2021

1.5. The term documentation refers to written technical information and improvements to contract products. The concept of patent rights refers to and encompasses all patents of the licensee in force during the duration of the agreement, as well as patent applications filed by the licensee prior to termination of the agreement or having a priority date, as long as they apply to contract products and/or hedging information available to the purchaser under this agreement. 5.1. During the terms of the agreement, the licensee communicates technical information and improvements to the licensee, with the exception of technical information and improvements that the donor is authorized to disclose to the licensee under contractual obligations arising from other donor agreements. Despite the above restrictions, the licensee confirms that the technical information provided by the licensee under this agreement is sufficient to enable the manufacture to complete contractual products and will enable the licensee to meet the objectives of this agreement. Confidentiality agreements are concluded by those who receive confidential information from the licensee about the know-how granted to carry out their duties. These include employees of engineering offices who build the facility for the licensee or those who are key employees of the licensee, who have detailed access to the leaked data, etc., to manage their functions in the operation of the know-how-based facility. These are also in the nature of confidentiality agreements and carry the definition of know-how, whole or cut, on a knowledge-based basis.

Know-how refers to technical data, formulas, standards, technical specifications, specifications, procedures, methods, codesbooks, raw materials and any information, knowledge, assistance, business and secret practices as well as any improvement that is disclosed, disclosed or communicated in some way to the taker under this agreement, unless this information was part of, at or after disclosure or subsequently, commonly understandable material or documentation.