Isi Kesepakatan Paris Agreement

April 10, 2021 The Paris Agreement or the Paris Agreement is an international agreement on climate change. The goal is to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions after 2020. The agreement was reached at the 2015 UN climate change conference (also known as COP 21 or CMP 21) at Le Bourget in Paris. At least 195 countries have approved the agreement. JAKARTA, Indonesia – A total of 195 countries participating in the Conference of the Parties (COP) 21 have approved the Paris Agreement, an international agreement based on down to reduce greenhouse gas emissions after 2020. The main point of the agreement was to keep the earth`s temperature threshold below two degrees Celsius and to try to remove up to 1.5 degrees Celsius above the Earth`s temperature in pre-industrial times. When announcing his decision to resign, Trump said last year: “I was elected to represent the citizens of Pittsburgh, not Paris. I promise to conclude or renegotiate an agreement that would not serve America`s interests.┬áBut… The world`s citizens are trying to reduce CO2 emissions in the air, countries around the world, including Indonesia, have reached a joint agreement called the Paris Agreement. The Paris Agreement is an environmental agreement reached by almost all countries, including Indonesia, to combat climate change and its negative effects. The agreement aimed to continuously reduce CO2 emissions in order to limit the rise in global temperatures, which have now reached 2 degrees Celsius, and aims to limit temperature changes to at least 1.5 degrees.

With the adoption of this agreement, it will certainly be a breath of fresh air and an encouragement for all the citizens of the world to continue to work hard to achieve a better world life in the future. Climate leaders and experts are increasingly optimistic about the fight against climate change. The Paris Agreement marks a historic turning point in the fight against climate change, with world leaders representing 195 countries agreeing on an agreement containing commitments from all countries to combat and adapt to climate change. At the G20 summit, unless the United States affirms its commitment to the Paris climate agreement. The VOA logo of the 2015 UN Climate Change Conference (source: The presence of steam engines and the arrival of factories indirectly cause even more CO2 emissions. When the engine is running, the engine power releases carbon dioxide into the air. In fact, what contributes to producing carbon emissions not only from plants, there are other causes that increase carbon dioxide in the air, such as vehicle smoke, livestock and burning of forests, so-called greenhouse gases.