#shelfie, baby

May 5, 2016


It’s not every day sneaker-aficionado/executive chef rocks up at your front doorstep clutching a brown paper bag filled with vac-packed pork neck (“It’s Kurobuta.” “Sick”) and a handful of lemongrass lego star wars kostenlos downloaden. Then again, this wasn’t every day.

I’ve been quiet, I know. Blame it on the baby.

(Oh, you didn’t know about the baby kan discord niet download? I guess you do now. Male, planned, healthy, due in June, exhausting. Already.)


I’ve not been prone to the usual preg-lady maladies of morning (all day) sickness and only had a mild aversion to fermented/cultured foods (yoghurt, kimchi, saurkraut) for the first three or four months, but the combination of all that extra weight and the somewhat unsettling feeling of having people running towards me with arms outstretched and every intention of giving me an unwanted belly rub have kept me quiet and just a little bit secretive around these parts download google news.


(Also, fermented/cultured food love is back with a vengance. By the end of Summer, I was bulldozing my way through a kilo of yoghurt a fortnight herunterladen. A whole kilo!)


By this stage, we (being Koji & I) had decided that Mr In-Utero should have as many experiences as possible before he became the slightly helpless poop-machine that has been the experience of just about every single parent we’ve spoken to since announcing his imminent arrival music legally and free of charge.

(“Did you know that newborns poop 7-8 times per day?” said one, not unhelpfully.

“7-8? Mine was at least 10 repost. If not more.” said another, with that evil eye glint she’s become quite well known for.

“We’re going to need more nappies.” said I to he, or vice versa powerpoint designs herunterladen.)


So far, the as-yet-unborn-one has hiked through jungles in East Malaysia, flown on five different flights, celebrated a Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year (all of which were substantially dampened by my inability to eat my weight in oysters and sashimi), been to the races and re-organised a kitchen and pantry in a mad state of nesting Basic Law for.

Oh, and now he’ll be on TV.

Internet TV (by way of ABC iView), natch, but TV nonetheless.

(Mum is so proud of you!)



(All photos supplied by Broken Yellow)