another cheap & cheerful christmas table

December 18, 2013

christmas_table_02 (Large)

If you’ve been reading onebitemore for a while, you’ll probably have noticed my penchant for a beautifully set table.

The first year of cheap & cheerful Christmas settings was particularly frugal, with paper and wool as the features and a total cost of less than $20 vlc media player downloaden gratis. Cheap and cheerful, but mostly cheap (and certainly not something you could ever re-use!)

In the second year of cheap & cheerful Christmas settings, I thought I’d sacrifice frugality for re-usability and managed to put together a setting that we used well into the New Year for a little over $30. (We also, later, sewed the doona cover back together and now use it in the guest room).

And this year? Well, this year I threw my budget to the wind (just a little) and pulled together what is probably my favourite table yet download browser for free!

christmas_table_01 (Large)

The tablecloth

This year’s inspiration sprang from our potluck food theme, “The French Countryside”, and what could be more Frenchy and chic than an indoor garden party?

The tablecloth was a 3m length of hessian that I picked up from my local Bunnings. At $4.45 per metre, it cost me a grand total of $13.35. It took a bit of work getting into shape before it could be used as a table cloth, though ing app wil niet downloaden. A trim of loose edges followed by a day-long soak in some water with fabric softener took the smell away. Once it dried, I gave it a good beating to get rid of any other fly-aways before spraying the surface down with a loose misting of hairspray.

I also used some hessian that I got in a roll to tie the loose edges to the table legs. The roll cost me $9.95, but I used less than a quarter of it aivc offline spracherkennung herunterladen.

Total cost? Let’s say $18.00.

christmas_table_03 (Large)


It all started with the runner this year, another Bunnings purchase (can you tell we’re regulars there? Call it the result of months of home renovations.)

I used 30 cm of 9mm synthetic turf, which at $29.90 per metre, cost me a smidge under $10. I asked for 35cm in width to be safe, but the cutter serving me couldn’t get it as exact as that and I ended up with almost 50cm of turf download browser chrome!

After a quick trim to get the edges square and a good hose down with some dishwashing soap and a hose, it was ready to be dried and put on the table.

Total cost? Let’s say $10.00

christmas_table_04 (Large)

The Centrepiece

This year’s centrepiece had the aim of making a bunch of gardening supplies look classy download receipt template.

I started with a leftover bathroom tile from the Bean’s bathroom renovations and filled it with glass vases that I’d wrapped in some of the leftover hessian. The two vases were picked up from Kmart for $2.00 each, and I also bought the carafe (filled with mint water) up from there for $2.50.

The rest of the vases were from the collection I already had, as were the porcelain animals (I’m a big fan) and the wrapped candles download youtube video with subtitles. I usually check out the homewares stalls the week after Christmas and Easter for cheaper or discounted porcelain animals and picked up most of my rabbits and birds at 70-80% off last Easter.

To finish the look, I bought two bunches of flowers for $20 and spread the buds out between the vases.

Total cost? (Excluding stuff I already had) $27.00

(We moved the flowers to a side table as soon as the food was ready, but it sure did make a pretty sight to sit down to!)

(Oh, and that rogue strand of battery operated fairy lights Download memes for free? It cost me $1.80 but I couldn’t find any batteries to put in it so took it off the table quick smart!)

christmas_table_05 (Large)

What we ate

I tried to spread the courses out between my friends this year. Really, I did! But something took hold and I ended up making something for just about every course… not that I needed to, as you’ll notice once you see the spread we had for dessert countdown.

A platter of cheeses, breads and pate started off proceedings (they were meant to be a pre-dessert, but we just couldn’t help ourselves whilst waiting for the stragglers to arrive).

French ciders, a bottle of Moet and wines were supplemented with cocktails made with my homemade gingerbread syrup, rum, ginger cordial and soda water facebook videos without app.

And to start? A little ramekin of French Onion Soup.

christmas_table_7 (Large) christmas_table_6 (Large)

Once the starters had been cleared, it was time for the chickens! Two fat tarragon and garlic roasted chickens carved expertly by Caroline and served with the rendered butter and chicken fat… a concoction that quickly earned the moniker “fat sauce”.

Caro’s wonderfully crisp Caesar Salad filled up the need for greens. with its anchovy rich dressing on the side for the skeptical. Between the fat sauce and Caesar dressing, we ended up having to get the bread back out onto the table to sop every last bit of goodness up! (Good thing Sally-Ann bought two baguettes instead of one!)

christmas_table_9 (Large)

A round of Kris Kringle later, we re-congregated for dessert, and this is where the meal really shone.

Poor French peasant fare was thrown out the window for a smogasboard of pastries, cheeses, fruits, flan and some sneakily Italian ricotta buns from Pastacierra Pappa! I suppose when I accidentally allocated dessert to all but two of the guests coming, I should have expected a spread this bountiful, but I was blown away with the decadence nonetheless!

Oh… and this sneaky little gingerbread custard and toasted marshmallow treat that I’ll try to pop up on the blog before Christmas hits.

christmas_table_8 (Large)

Come Christmas Eve, I’ll be roasting ducks, shelling prawns and tucking in to a big leg of ham. What are your plans for Christmas eating this year (and what are you putting on your table?)


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    December 18th, 2013

    looks fabulous!

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    December 18th, 2013

    oh i am an absolute sucker for burlap/hessian. it’s an absolute gorgeous set up. secretly wishing i had a seat at that table!

  • #3
    December 19th, 2013

    Oh, so gorgeous Shez 🙂 I was just writing in my last post that I don’t get to do table settings, but you’ve given me some great inspiration for when I do. Love Kmart for some amazingly cheap homewares 🙂

  • #4
    December 19th, 2013

    The astroturf is such an awesome idea!

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    January 9th, 2014

    what a lovely spread of food, wish i had a creative flair like you do!