frank camorra tempranillo & sparkling rose

July 3, 2013

frank camorra wines by australian wine selectors

Here’s the thing adobe reader 8 kostenlos. I don’t know all that much about wine.

I mean, I drink it (though with far less frequency than my bottle-and-a-bit-on-a-weeknight-lawyer-days) and I enjoy it, but (being honest here) I’m more likely to narrow my choices in the following manner:

Step One:

Look at mood, weather & what I’m eating to decide between red / white / sparkling ls17 for free in full.

Step Two:

Look at grape varietals I’m familiar with and generally enjoy

Step Three:

Wander the aisle until I see a label I like, read the back, repeat three or four times and then make a fingers-crossed-blind-pick of the bottle that I feel the greatest emotional connection with (and sometimes, the second-favourite bottle too if I’m feeling particularly out-of-sorts) herunterladen.

I agree, it’s not particularly scientific, but I’d like to think that somewhere in the course of reading three lever arch folders of a girlfriend’s wine-school notes, sitting through throroughly explained tastings until my legs are near jelly and (sometimes) drinking more than I can probably handle, I’ve developed some kind of a slippery grasp on the pleasures-that-be-drinking-wine children's films for free without registration.

And if you’ll bear with my lightweight and highly subjective tasting notes, I might just pop a couple up here every once in a while. Mostly so I know what to get the next time I’m flailing at the bottle shop word docx. (And partly because, well, wine labels. Have you seen them recently? Stunning.)

frank camorra wines by australian wine selectors


frank camorra 2010 temperanillo

The antithesis of the full-bodied, oaky, alcoholic reds that have become almost synonymous with the term “Australian Wine”, Frank Camorra’s 2010 temperanillo starts smooth download excel freely. So smooth, even, that you’d hardly notice it on the palate. An explosion of flavour hits at  the back of the mouth while you swallow, subsiding almost as soon as it hits to a clean finish Download xbox one in the background. The kind of wine that catalogues label as “elegant”.

totally your bag if:

You’re looking for a wine that can be drunk with food – not too obtrusive, but not so meek that it’ll flail when paired with spice or fat carl tracking app herunterladen. It’s medium bodied with enough oak to keep lovers happy and haters at bay, and detectably fruity without being overbearingly sweet.

take it or leave it if:

You want something that sits smoothly in the mouth and continues the same profile down the throat hp scan software. Temperanillo dissenters often comment the style of wine produced by this grape is “less smooth” than a shiraz and too meekly bodied.

the down-low:

RRP: $40.50 (single) / $34.45 (doz), from Wine Selectors
Alcohol content: 14.6%
Closure: Screwcap
Produced by: Rosabrook Wines, Margaret River WA
Sample: Provided by Wine Selectors

frank camorra wines by australian wine selectors


frank camorra la rosa tradición sparkling rosé 2005

Standing as well by itself as it would with nibbles, I found this palest-of-peach coloured rose is almost apple cider-like in its drinking santiano download. And by “cider”, I mean clear (not cloudy), dry (not sweet) and slightly tasting of yeast in the finish. The bubbles are crisp without being overly explosive. A great introductory bubbly for those only just starting their transition from apples to grapes.

totally your bag if:

You’re looking for a sparkling to start the meal with. What’s better than a plate of cured meats drizzled in zesty olive oil? The same, but with a drink to boot. (Please don’t pour this drink in your boot, it’d be a horrific waste of good wine).

take it or leave it if:

Your idea of a sparkling wine is restricted to the sweet and largely unobtrusive versions that taste like your favourite white, but with soft bubbles interspersed. This kid’s got a bit more fruit and a bit less of that white wine-y thing happening.

the down-low:

RRP: $39.50 (single) / $33.50 (doz), from Wine Selectors
Alcohol content: 13.5%
Closure: Cork (pop!)
Produced by: Blue Pyrenees, Pyrenees VIC
Sample: Provided by Wine Selectors

frank camorra wines by australian wine selectors


 disclosure: Shez was provided with the two bottles of wine reviewed in this post by Wine Selectors.