australia’s biggest morning tea

May 15, 2013

It’s not hard, having people over for a bite to eat.

Not when everyone has clear calendars and a clean slate of health and low expectations as to the food likely to be served. When dietary restrictions are nil and locality isn’t in issue downloaden got. When there aren’t partners and spouses and other halves and children whose schedules need to be co-ordinated and re-co-ordinated and checked and re-checked before giving a semi-definitive yes-or-no.

Then again, when schedules do, miraculously, align and people do manage to turn up to one’s accommodation bearing a plate of something (despite clear instructions to bring nothing but oneself), it’s not hard to feel like all of that trouble was worth it, somehow Download movies pc. That seeing these people who mean so much to you, even for just a half hour on a weeknight, is worth all of the group emails that caused it to be.


This week, last night in fact, marked the last of the round-robin, faux-family dinners that have been happening at Koji’s soon-to-be-vacated residence. We made a disastrously large pot of Japanese curry and served it alongside only just enough rice and possibly a few too many pickles. And while the second batch of rice cooked and the potatoes slowly simmered away into just-the-right-side-of-cooked, we talked desktop hintergrund kostenlos herunterladen.

About moving house and packing up and having too many things. About on-training and travelling to work and figuring out laundry systems. About 80s bands and working out and how to keep ones hair glossy.

And afterwards, my cheeks glowed from the warmth of the food and my eyes glowed from the warmth of the company and I remembered that I was blessed herunterladen.

I remembered that my life was one of the better lives to be had in the world. That I wasn’t subject to the effects of a malignant growth and the way it can interrupt the every day comings and goings of not only the one it’s attached to, but also all of those attached to that person. That I’d never had to sit in a waiting room whilst someone I loved was examined, again, and then had to travel home in the knowledge that news of an unknown quantity would be delivered in the coming days zip datei kostenlos downloaden.

I thought of the people I know who got through it.

And then I thought of the people I knew who didn’t.

The aunty who, despite being medically trained and having the biggest fighting spirit of anyone I’d ever met, just couldn’t keep coming back from the tumors that insisted on returning. Even years after the last one seemed gone. The girl who wore her hair in two braids, even as she sat in hospital waiting for yet another operation. The uncle who most likely never even thought about his pancreas until a growth was found on it downloaden xnview.

In the last 20 years, over 61,000 people in Australia have been saved from death by cancer due to improvements in screening, early detection, preventative measures and advances in treatment. Sixty-one thousand.

But only 148 of those 61,000 had brain cancer, and only 69 of that 61,000 had cancer of the pancreas – a cancer which has a survival rate that is almost identical to that held 20 years ago krunker io herunterladen. A cancer which has an average life expectancy of 6 to 9 months from discovery to death.

On a sunny Wednesday morning a few weeks ago, I sat down to a hearty breakfast with representatives from the Cancer Council of NSW at the gorgeous Chez Dee in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea. Over the course of the morning I heard from a sprightly Barry DuBois, a continuous cancer survivor, and the stunning Sarah Wilson, who spoke about the effects of chronic disease on not only the sick, but those around them download the sims.

I heard about not only cancer research, but also the practical, daily uses that the Cancer Council allocates is funds to. Support groups for families and for those who just need to be in the same room as other people who are going through the same thing as they are. I teared up when I heard of the washing machine that was purchased for a single mother of four who had just finished a round of treatment and had her next scheduled in stvo. Practical help. Practical support. And almost all of it funded by us.


I’m not normally one to spruik for a buck so I’ll keep this bit short and sweet.

If you’re interested in hosting a morning tea, head over to the website – you have until the end of June to have a get together, so time is still on your side download minecraft creative mode for free. And if, like me, you’re in between moves and sickness and all sorts of other things clouding your ability to organise yourself, much less anybody else, you can donate to the Cancer Council directly (& anonymously if need be!). JJ from 84th & 3rd has set up her own fundraising page, so head that way if you’re so inclined.

(Next time, there’ll be deliciousness. Promise xx)

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    May 15th, 2013

    I think this is a great cause – we’re affected by Cancer in someway…whether directly or indirectly.

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    May 15th, 2013

    Persuasive and adroit. Bravo.

    (And may your house move go smoothly.)

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    May 15th, 2013

    Cancer effects us all. Was sorry to miss this event as I was away. Nice to see you back and blogging xxx

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    May 18th, 2013

    Thank you for this thought provoking and meaningful article. Our workplace has a big do every year, which is a great reminder to be thankful for our health and to provide support for those who do go through the immense challenge of fighting a cancer. Beautiful pics.