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July 30, 2012

It’s funny how friendships happen.

One day, you might be two girls awkwardly infiltrating a clique – the only “non-girlfriends” sitting in amongst a group of guys who had been through all manner of life for the past 15 or so years.

A couple of months later and you’re tipsily whispering secrets in the room of a holiday house and going on escapades through windows and spiderwebs to find out what exactly the said boys talk about in boys-only conversations Download happy mod.

And then somehow, a couple of years have passed and all of a sudden, there’s nine of you sitting around a table built for maybe no more than six and it’s like it’s been this way forever.

We’re gathered at Wilbur’s Place in Potts Point, a self-described “small, twenty seat, “eat and run” for locals” of the area movies download hd.

Except that we’re not really locals and, being a group of nine that’s taken over a far table and crammed as much as possible on it, likely also a mild annoyance to those in the area looking for a quiet night in the neighbourhood.

beverages menu / shiraz $9.50 per glass / pale ale $7.50

It was the birthday girl’s choice, of course, which came with a stern admonission:

“There’s no bookings and we don’t want to be waiting around forever, so let’s meet at 6pm before it gets busy.”

Then later:

“It opens at 5pm not 6 download from youtube videos for free! Let’s have dinner at 5:30pm instead!”

Koji shook his head at my rush to get there.

“You know everyone’s going to be late right? Please calm down.”

bread & olives $4.50 / house made lemonade $3.50

He was right and, as we waited for the rest of our contingent to arrive (it’s a little busy at 5:30pm on a weeknight, mainly people wining and snacking, but rather quiet when 6pm hits), we nibbled on some olives and mulled over glasses of wine download tomtom home.

And once they did arrive, there were murmurings and mutterings as we tossed back and forth over what to order.

“I think I’ll have either fish or pig” said Bobby, “which one should I get?”

“I think you look like a pig person” came the reply.

“Are you saying I look like a pig?”

And so it went on until all of the dishes were locked in.

orechiette with lamb ragu / suckling pig with lentils (both $22)

All of the mains on the menu are an even $22, making it a somewhat less complicated decision calibre. But what when there is a slow cooked lamb ragout sitting atop a bed of orechiette on the menu, as well as a pork belly with apple, lentils and purple cabbage?

You order the first, of course, with strict instructions to Koji to order the second so that both of your choices are within fork’s reach piano partituren gratis downloaden.

The orechiette, initially somewhat meagre looking compared to the other dishes that lined the table, bore such a richness that the serving well surpassed my ability to eat it all. And whilst this may have had something to do with the slightly undercooked pasta, it was more than likely a combination of the pasta, lamb and cheese all combining to produce a dish that even a flavour junkie like me would hesitate to add to nero kostenlos downloaden.

The slab of suckling pig was missing an ultra crackly layer of skin, though patches of it provided a satisfying crunch. What it lacked there was made up for by a tender and moist serving of meat and the serving of lentils beneath (which had soaked up all of the porcine flavour possible).

corned wagyu beef with mustard sauce $22 / greens with garlic & anchovy $7 / crispy twice cooked potatoes with tarragon $7

The other dish sampled by my table of plenty was a corned wagyu beef, accompanied by a selection of roasted vegetables download music for free for android. Whilst I didn’t get to try it, I did notice that all of the plates once bearing it were mopped clean.

Sides that night included a tangle of greens with garlic and anchovy as well as a platter of 6 or so crisp baby potatoes that had been steamed then baked to produce a shattering crust over fluffy interiors.

(I should note here that the menu, including the sides, changes fairly frequently, with only the potatoes and desserts remaining the same at the present date Download onedrive complete folder. )

Whilst the rest of us chowed down on hunks of meat, pasta and other assorted hot and steamy platters of food, one diner opted (on account of a far too full stomach from lunch and the just-past-sunset time at which we were dining) to start and end with dessert.

In her case, a brioche ice cream sandwich that was long gone before our mains even hit the table.

Stomachs sated, the rest of us satisfied our sweet teeth with a dessert of birthday cake back home, triple chocolate (of course) and topped with a mountain of fluffy white marshmallow frosting download hotel Transylvania 3 for free. But that’s a whole other story.

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Wilbur’s Place

36 Llankelly Place, Potts Point
Open Tuesday to Saturday Lunch 11am-3pm & Dinner 5pm-9:30pm
& Saturday All Day Breakfast 8am-3pm
Closed Sunday and Monday
Phone 02 9332 2999

  • #1
    July 30th, 2012

    mmm, I want that pasta… So many great places in Potts Point – wish it were a tad closer to home 🙂

  • #2
    August 1st, 2012

    That corned wagyu looks AMAZING. There’s nothing better than catching up with good friends over good food.

  • #3
    August 1st, 2012

    Wow, this meal looks so good!!

    The conversation you were having about the arrival time sounds so familiar to me;)
    … Oh I am so hungry after that story !

  • #4
    September 24th, 2013

    Their toasted brioche ice cream sandwich is the best! 😀