chinta ria… mood for love

November 23, 2011


A crunchy tiger, two doppelgangers and a curious female-asian-blogger loiter on the sixth floor of a newly reinstated shopping complex.

They glance furtively at the drawn curtains and closed door of their destination. A sign adorns the handle: “Closed for private function”.

They are early. They are hungry.

“I’ll go see what’s happening” says the FAB, when suddenly a voice emerges from the now ajar door herunterladen.

“Are you in the mood… for love?” 

“I’m in the mood for a drink to be honest” says the doppelganger (or was it the other?)


A black curtained alcove adorned in dark timber.

A man clad in black approaches, released from the fiery lair he normally inhabits. The script is handed over to our protagonists.

“Pick a drink” he says, gesturing at the pages of the script. “There are many and they have been especially formulated for a time such as this” download schlagerparadies for free. (Or something along those lines anyway.)

And with a twinkle in his eye, he disappears.

L to R: Kiss Kiss $15, Come Always $16, Love Bite $15 & Sexy Genie $16

Four elixirs are presented on a tray.

The doppelgangers raise their drinks.

A Sexy Genie (vodka, dry vermouth, lemon, sugar cane, basil) chosen singularly for its name is quickly replaced with the crunchy tiger’s Love Bite (gin, vodka, lychee juice, rose syrup).

The other doppelganger’s Kiss Kiss (gin, elderflower, soda water & mandarin) is similarly stolen by the now semi-inebriated FAB windows 1903 herunterladen. Apparently one Come Always (campari, angostura bitters, tonic, lemonade) is sufficient for her.

Chilli Scallops – steamed half shell scallop with chilli sauce (3 pcs) $13.50 // Otak O Tak as Brainy: Spanish mackerel mousse $13.00


Thirst quenched, the antagonists enter.

Our heroes’ challenge: To divide. To consume. To conquer.

Chilli scallops, translucent discs adorned in a sweet cloak of chilli and egg. These are taken down without a fight.

(Unless, of course, you count eyeing off the vegetable garnishes and snatching the last tendrils of carrot from the plate to soak up the remaining gravy from the half shell direct into your mouth a “fight”.)

Not so the Otak O Tak gratis musiknoten herunterladen. It is soft. And yielding. Fragrant with lemongrass and kaffir lime.

The doppelgangers are mutually lulled into a false sense of comfort.

And then it hits.

The spice.

One turns red. Beads of sweat form on the other’s forehead.

They finish it anyway.

(“My favourite dish all night” one says, much later, on the bus home having temporarily forgotten his cries of pain from the searing heat.)

Seduction Rolls: minced chicken blended with 5-spice seasoning wrapped in bean curd skin then fried $12 // Satay Chicken: marinated diced chicken fillets grilled served on skewers accompanied with peanut sauce (4 skewers) $12 // Satay Beef: as before but beef $12


The mood shifts.

Gone are the fiery temptresses, replaced by those who, like Homer’s sirens, tempt you with their subtlety before winning you over entirely children's tube.

Seduction Rolls. Crisp. Succulent. Dare we say… more-ish?

Beef and chicken satay. Succulent. Charred.

The tiger apportions the peanut sauce between our heroes’ bowls. A pair of chopsticks is dropped. The conversation is muted, replaced with crunches and slurps.

Pearly Butter Prawns: prawn cutlets in butter milk $27

A voice emerges from behind the curtain.

“How did you enjoy your starters?”

Delight and fear. There is more to come.

There are two prawns each in the dish placed between us esoterik bücher kostenlos downloaden. We know because we counted. We counted because each of us wanted another but didn’t want to eat more than our share.

Drinks are replenished and the camera starts to shake violently.

Teoh Chew Fish as Miss TC: steam fish of the day cooked with tomatoes, kiam chye and plum sauce $29// Beef Rendang: slow cooked braised beef with aromatic spices and coconut milk $19 // Bella Chan Kang Kong: water convolvulus tossed in a light chilli prawn paste $15//Quack! Quack! Kiam Chye: braised duck with preserved vegetables $25

The man in black reappears.

As he speaks, the FAB is sneakily scoffing as much of the duck as she can possibly manage before the other three notice altes ios herunterladen. It is a firm favourite amongst the eaters. Rich, pink flesh playing against the sour tang of pickled mustard vegetables. The other vegetables bring mixed reviews. Apparently (though I know not why) belacan is a challenging flavour to the uninitiated. (I don’t get too upset at this as it just means more for me!)

As one doppelganger chews unendingly on a piece of beef (“This is the least spicy curry I’ve ever had… I like it!” he says, in between bites) the other is fishing tofu out from under a perfectly poached piece of cod when a bombshell is dropped.

“The fish is a good dish for dieters” says the man in black “It has virtually no fat in it.”

We stop chewing legal music.



The meal continues. Stomachs are distended. Eyes begin to droop. The doppelgangers, spirits waning, begin to wobble back and forth in an attempt to confuse passers by as to their true identities.

Tasting Plate: durian panna cotta, kueh dadar, ondeh ondeh, cassava delight, pandan sago $22


This one the last. And for this, I’ll break out of the mangled first / third person monstrosity that has been written to this point to say:

If whatsapp sticker ios herunterladen. You. Like. Durian. You. Have. To. Get. The. Durian. Pannacotta. No excuses.

Not to say that the other desserts aren’t worthy – the ondeh ondeh was delightfully chewy and oozed palm sugar syrup into our waiting mouths (hint: eat this in one mouthful or wear palm syrup all over your top); the kueh dadar had a balanced sweetness not often found in Asian desserts; the cassava was warm and tender and the sago cooked to perfection, each bubble flinging itself from the other when broken apart with a set of teeth.

But the durian. OH! I scraped the glass clean.


Chinta Ria… Mood for love
Level 6 / Shop 6009
Westfield Sydney
188 Pitt Street NSW 2000

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disclaimer: Shez (aka the FAB) and the rest dined as guests of Chinta Ria… Mood for Love.

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  • #1
    November 23rd, 2011

    Love the review, it’s gold! My what a FAB FAB you are…. Been reading to many great things about Chinta Ria, must make my way over soon. Especially for the durian pannacotta!

  • #2
    November 24th, 2011

    Fanatstic review, so great to read. Love your photos. I so have to pay this place a visit

  • #3
    November 24th, 2011

    Haha good work FAB 🙂 eeww cannot stand durian but the boy adores it -.- he had it in the car once and i made him eat it outside.. at least 10m away from me!!! guess i’ll need to order the pannacotta for him haha

  • #4
    November 24th, 2011

    Actually dropped in for a bite at the original Chinta Ria on Cockle Bay Wharf last night. Really want to pay a visit to the new establishment. Loved the review, very entertaining 🙂

  • #5
    November 26th, 2011

    Bahaha, I don’t love durian but I do love the liberal use of FAB of course!

  • #6
    November 28th, 2011

    Such a fun review! I went there on Saturday night and I’m still daydreaming about the beef rendang and roti – Miss Sweet x

  • #7
    November 29th, 2011

    Haha, what fun! FAB fun indeed!!

  • #8
    December 1st, 2011

    Oh my friggin goodness… This place is AMAZING!!! I don’t know which dish I’d love to try more! Another interesting eat/discovery in Sydney. The list of places to eat when I’m there just keeps getting longer and longer! O btw, the names of the drinks are just SO cute hahaha… Love it