captain andy’s – the rarotongan

November 15, 2011

I’ve been meaning to write this post for weeks – months even! – but somehow never managed around to doing it.

I’m not sure why. The pictures were sorted through and edited. The menu (haphazardly photographed) was located in a file some weeks ago. But the writing, it just didn’t happen aliexpress bilder herunterladen.

My only logical conclusion is that I’ve been struck down by an affliction commonly known as island time.

I’d flick through my photographs and gazing at the bluest of blue water. Remember the way that the fresh lagoon breeze cooled the skin. The way the brightest of coloured fish dodged around legs atop a smooth rock. And somehow, minutes turned into hours and I was running late for something or bed would call and the post would lie unfinished for another week film gratisen van youtube. Or month. Or five.

But this post is not about my inability to drag myself away from tropical vistas, oh no. For I visited the Rarotongan on the second to last day of my whirlwind must-visit-the-Bean-before-she-forgets-who-I-am trip to the Cook Islands way back in May download photos from icloud.com. It was one of a stream of special dinners. The sun setting over the endless lagoon. The Bean utterly unable to comprehend the use of a menu, or to make a choice from the dishes on it.

“I haven’t chosen what I can eat in months Cherlie!” she cried, upon opening the menu. “Months!”

And then, a little later, “I don’t know what to do amazon videos download mac! Can you pick three things for me to choose from? I might be able to choose from three options.”

And then, a little later still, when asked what to drink “There’s drinks? I mean, apart from water? I can have water right? What on earth is this? Can I have one? Really?”

Coconada NZ$6.90 and Cheeky Monkey NZ$6.90

We had spent the afternoon lolling about on the sand gimp bildbearbeitungsprogramm kostenlos downloaden deutsch. Dancing in knee deep water. Picking up sea cucumbers and squirting them at each other.

We had covered our heads in cotton scarves and waved our arms about like the market goers we’d seen in Egypt securing a decent price for their wares.

She’d pushed me over not once, but thrice, in the gently rolling waves. Holding her stomach and laughing as I spluttered about my hair.

With this amount of laughter, we didn’t need alcohol herunterladen.

Two mocktails instead then! A chocolate and banana concoction first, the “Cheeky Monkey” with a banana smoothie base and a wicked swirl of chocolate syrup – a rare commodity in the islands where shops frequently run out of flour, rice and petrol. Added to it, a “Coconada” with more banana, this time melded with coconut, honey and pineapple – a pina colada without the rum if you will download samsung galaxy e mail.

Fettucine Marinara NZ$24.90 and Coconut Gamefish with Island Fries NZ$21.90

Then, as we perused the menus some more, a coup!

We had spent the previous day searching for pasta. The Italian eatery was closed and the cafe on the main strip had run out. We’d already dined once at Trader Jack’s and knew that a return there would mean trying to distract ourselves from the Ika Mata for long enough to order something else download amazon prime to pc.

The Bean fell upon it like it was manna from heaven. She was right to do so, with its chunks of fresh fish, mussels and chunks of tomato. And whilst the flavour was mild and the pasta slightly soggy, it was exactly what she had been craving and she was eating it with her sister on the coast of a beautiful island she now called home.

I’d ordered the closest thing the island had to fish and chips activinspire gratis herunterladen. Two large portions of coconut dusted, deep fried fish. Perfectly cooked. Shatteringly crunchy. Tender and flaky. And underneath it all, a mound of what the locals call “Island Fries”. Taro, cassava and maniota deep fried and served with a sweet chilli mayo sauce. Utterly addictive, I chomped on them until that newly familiar feeling of starch expanding in my stomach bade me to eat no more outlook für windows 7 herunterladen.

We sat satiated at the end of the meal.

We didn’t move as the sky burnt orange, then purple, then enveloped us in a blanket of warm darkness.

I didn’t want to go home.


The Rarotongan Beach Resort & Spa


Aroa Beach, Rarotonga, Cook Islands

Aroa Beach is on the southern point of the Island, on the opposite side from the main township of Avarua. Head straight through the main doors, through the restaurant and out onto the back deck to eat off the Captain Andy’s menu. You may need to grab the attention of a waitress on your way out if you would like table service. Parking is available across the road in the grassy lot next to the tennis courts.

  • #1
    November 16th, 2011

    Oh, to blue skies and clear waters!

    Sooo…any holiday plans for the upcoming summer?

  • November 17th, 2011

    @Rita: Apart from spending the entire time in a pool / on a beach / dripping ice-cream down my arm? None at all 🙂

  • #2
    November 19th, 2011

    I have always had the dream of sailing around the Cook Islands, and I will keep dreaming 🙂

    The clear waters, unspoilt beaches and sea cucumbers to squirt with, what else could a girl ask for.

  • #3
    November 22nd, 2011

    how beautiful! I wish I was there, now!