green tea macaron with chocolate ganache

October 13, 2009

You’d never know it from meeting me, but deep down, I’m actually pretty shy. The over-the-top conjecture? The incessant rambling and madcap outfits java applet download? The seemingly aloof stance I take when thrust face first into a crowd of strangers? It’s my way of resisting the urge to freeze, eyes wide open and darting from left to right – or to quietly excuse myself before flying home to where it is safe and small talk is never required microsoft word 2010 free full german.

But this year – the year of change! – I set myself a challenge. I would meet people. As many people as possible. From all over the place herunterladen. I knew I wouldn’t necessarily like all of them, but oh! The possibilities if I did!

green tea & chocolate macaron

green tea & chocolate macaron

And so it started Download woozle goozle app for free.

I headed out instead of heading home. I gave my email address out to people I met. I joined the crowd and went to eat after an event. I told people about myself datei youtube herunterladen. And I started a blog.

I have met people that I never thought I’d meet. Made friends with people that always seemed so “over-there” wallpaper for free. Put my foot down, gritted my teeth and made plans that I wouldn’t have dared to make in years gone by.

And I’m loving it.

mixing the matcha powder into the meringue

mixing the matcha powder into the meringue

The best part of it all (apart from the fantastically amazing and hilarious and crazy people that I’m now proud to call my friends) is that this newfound joie de vivre has translated to my baking too hd videos von youtubeen.

after folding in the macaronage

after folding in the macaronage

I’ve meddled with a macaron recipe Free employment for dementia sufferers. Matcha’d it up. Increased the eggwhite mass and thrown in some lurid green (and oh so fragrant) powder in the quest for flavour fusion glory!

And I pulled the recipe together in time to attach an extravagantly large flower onto my head, get dolled up and race into the city for a dear friend’s hen’s celebration Download playstation now games.

piped out and ready to roll

piped out and ready to roll

The Shez of yesteryear would probably have shuddered at the thought and retreated to the comfort of buttercake and tea instead iphone bilder von icloud herunterladen.

I’ll be honest. They weren’t the best macarons I’ve ever made (and I say this with three whole batches under my belt – how’s that for an underwhelming amount of authority?) but they were oh-so-well received that it completely made up for it.

cooling down the shells

cooling down the shells

And when said macaron light up the faces of their recipients, it makes the freaked-out-kitchen-pacing-torchlight-waving madness of it all so much more worthwhile.

cooling down the ganache

cooling down the ganache

But enough of the raving self-awareness and inspiration-mongering-talk. This is a food blog, and you’re here for recipes.

Chocolate Ganache

Ok. It’s not really a recipe. Chocolate ganache is seriously one of the easiest things to make, and it’s the perfect filling (or topping) for just about any sweet treat that needs a chocolate injection.

You will need:

200g dark chocolate
250ml cream

How to do it:

1. Chop your chocolate up into tiny little pieces.

2. Heat your cream up in a small saucepan.

3. When the cream is just about to boil, whip it off the heat and tip it over the chopped up chocolate.

4. Wait three minutes then start whipping. The chocolate should melt happily into the cream, leaving you with a glossy chocolatey sauce. If not, stick it over a pot of boiling water for a bit and whip until the lumps are all gone.

5. Let the ganache cool, stirring from time to time, and when it has reached the right consistency for your intended usage, go nuts. It will set rather thickly.

pretty piped peaks of chocolate ganache

pretty piped peaks of chocolate ganache

ps) The macaron were made using the recipe here, but with 110g egg white, 2tsp matcha powder and less the red food colouring.

a pile of green tea macaron

a pile of green tea macaron

  • #1
    October 13th, 2009

    I love the matcha tea and chocolate combination. Made some earlier in the year and they were fantastic. Who cares if a few weren’t perfect. They sure do still taste good!

  • #2
    October 13th, 2009

    Yum I was going to try out this combination too πŸ™‚ Hurrah for being brave I say! (and for managing to do them right before a party!)

  • #3
    October 13th, 2009

    wow all your batches looks perfect. You’re a Pro!

  • #4
    October 13th, 2009

    Hee hee YOU GO GIRL! Mmm these look so good!

  • #5
    October 13th, 2009

    Your macarons look delicious. I think it’s great that you are out there meeting new people. That is also one of my goals this year. I remember the first time I met some bloggers I was so starstruck and nervous. But now they are my friends. It’s a real adventure. Hopefully we will get to meet someday too.

  • #6
    October 13th, 2009

    you didn’t save me any of those?? :O

  • #7
    October 14th, 2009

    they look gorgeous yet again Shez

  • #8
    October 14th, 2009

    They look perfect!! I use much more matcha 1/4 cup to get the pretty green and i love the intense matcha flavour.

  • #9
    October 15th, 2009

    I think they look great! And it’s lovely to have a bit of a “change” here and there sometimes – I’m trying a bit of that at the moment too! πŸ˜›

  • #10
    October 15th, 2009

    With 3 batches under your belt, you’re becoming a bit of a macaron expert. And good on you for getting out there and ‘promoting’ yourself – we appreciate it too!

  • #11
    October 18th, 2009

    Yum! I love matcha in macarons, and there’s nothing like the look on people’s faces when you show them a batch of these πŸ™‚

  • #12
    October 23rd, 2009

    @Julia: I saw! For the lovely green wedding theme πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear about the wedding by the way…

    @Steph: I needed something to do with my matcha powder (but didn’t want to use too much of its precious greeness!)

    @Linda: Hoorah! I’m still nervous every time I throw a batch in though and sit like a hawk watching them rise.

    @FFichiban: Yay for girl-power-love! And thanks πŸ™‚

    @katherine: Yes definitely! It’s becoming a bit more “normal” for me – hope to see you at something soon πŸ™‚

    @Lex: Quiet you. As if getting fresh out of the oven ones wasn’t enough πŸ™‚

    @Betty: Thanks so much!

    @Ellie: Sadly I only had the littlest tin of powder and am rationing it out oh-so-carefully.

    @Anita: Oh good luck! It’s so hard sometimes…

    @Belle: You’re too sweet πŸ™‚

    @Y: Oh I know! Fairly bowls them over πŸ˜‰

  • #13
    October 29th, 2009

    Tes macarons sont vraiment superbes! C’est une très belle association de saveurs!