the charity cookoff

August 2, 2009

Confession (and yes, I do seem to be more forthcoming with these of late):

There are times when I get home from work and sit at my computer, poised to post something wonderful up here on onebitemore, and oh windows update 1903 herunterladen! how I’d wish I was not-working so I could do more of this here fun stuff more of the time.

But then I realised that really, I should feel blessed kann tera nicht downloaden. Because not everyone has the privilege (that’s right, I said it) of having a job to go to. More so in the current economic climate. And even more so if one is an East Timorese in the current economic climate Download prijevod.

I’m told the youth unemployment rate in East Timor is sitting at about 43%. That’s almost one in two. Luckily, someone has decided to do something about it subway surfer spiel kostenlos herunterladen.


The Charity Cookoff is being held to raise funds for the Oaktree Foundation, who, in turn, hope to use the funds raised from this event to train 200 young East Timorese in a two year entrepreneurial course in an attempt to break the cycle of unemployment excel herunterladen deutsch.

I, unfortunately (or is that fortunately?), have work on Fridays and won’t be able to make it. You, on the other hand, just might be the ticket to someone’s future Download music with amazon prime. Hmmm…

If you want more information about what they do, they’ve got a website sitting at spiele die man nicht downloaden muss.

[edit: how silly of me! I forgot to stick the contact details in. *headsmack* to book a ticket or to enquire about the event, contact Carmen Chung at [email protected] herunterladen. Love!]