gumshara ramen

July 27, 2009

It seems all the t’world is a twitter about the “chronic ramen” down at Gumshara Ramen, Eating World. If you’re down with the rumblings (most of which are propogated by @Dan_Hong & @aptronym) you’ll have heard about the thickness of the soup, the gelatinous collagen and the cravings one gets for a bowl of this heavy, hearty ramen on a cold winter’s day sky go app download kostenlos. And thus I was initiated on a not-quite-cold winter’s day with the one and only chocolatesuze who was aching to escape the chaos and prices of the Good Food & Wine Show for a lunchtime break herunterladen."If you prefer less salty or thick soup please inform the staff"

She had been there thrice before (on the three days prior) and advised that I pick a drink up before getting the ramen minecraft pe gratis downloaden. “But there’s soup?” I asked, unaccustomed to consuming that much liquid in a single meal. “Err… it’s thickish whatsapp for free without google play. You’d better get a drink.” said she.

miso ramen $8.50

tonkotsu ramen $8.50 + egg $1.50

There was a sign at the counter advertising the latest addition to the menu, a Tomato-Ramen for the princely sum of $10 tetris for free for pc. I considered it, but only for a second. And in that second, Suze had ding’d the bell and ordered herself a tonkotsu ramen with egg. “The original chronic” she explained “is the one with the ribs in it over there gute sprüche herunterladen. But there’s so much meat in the bowl, so I prefer this one”. Oh… Ribs you say?

garlic ramen $9.50

garlic tonkotsu ramen $9.50 + egg $1.50

I almost ordered the ribby soup city map munich for free. Honest I did. But I had spotted a word out of the corner of my eye, and that word was “garlic”. And like that, I had placed myself an order of the garlic tonkotsu with a runny yolked boiled egg Download mathtype for free. A quick chat. A leisurely wait. And they were here. Two big steaming bowls of noodle. Bliss! And the reports of soup so thick it is almost gravy? True excelen gratis 2018. Recollections of collagen so concentrated that it sticks to the tops and sides of your mouth and coats your tongue in a slippery film before dissolving oh-so-slowly super slime simulator? Confirmed. Flavour so big and gutsy that you can all but stop yourself from wriggling with delight after that first, cautious mouthful? Ba-da-bing!

all empty... sort of

all empty… sort of

So I gobbled and slurped and tasted. Without the runny yolk and then with (both equally as good, though I like it better with). I munched on pieces of salty, slow braised pork. I stuck my teeth into the just-cooked ramen and gulped down alternating mouthfuls of my additional sugary drink and the collageny broth. And when it was done, I pulled out my mirror and asked if maybe my skin was looking a little healthier and plumper from all the collagen. (Sadly, the answer was no.)

But perhaps with further treatments visits? I shall have to try it out and see!

the shopfront

the shopfront

Ramen Gumshara
Eating World
Harbour Plaza Dixon Court
25-29 Dixon St, Haymarket NSW

[psst: a very sleepy shez is back from her holidays as of this afternoon. regular webcontact will resume tomorrow. tonight she will most likely be asleep…]

  • #1
    July 27th, 2009

    too much collagen for me but next time I might ask for less so it’s not as thick and easier to eat.

  • #2
    July 27th, 2009

    Mmmm Gamushara is goood ^^! I liked the ribby one though the meat could be more tender. How garlicy was the garlic one?

  • #3
    July 28th, 2009

    lunch this week perhaps, I wanna try this.

  • #4
    July 29th, 2009

    @Simon: Stewy no? I’m quite a fan of the gelatinous nature of the broth, but I can see how some might prefer it to be more soup-like. It is ramen soup after all.

    @FFichiban: So garlicky that I was glad I wasn’t planning on meeting anyone that night 😉

    @Howard: Looks like you beat me to it! Could go again if you’re up for it?

  • #5
    July 30th, 2009

    i went on Monday but to my disappointment it was closed!! nwooooo!! The fact that they can actually have a day off when they’re in a foodcourt really says that they’re THAT GOOD. I am definitely going again next week! LOL

  • July 31st, 2009

    @K: Oh no! How upsetting. Good luck for next time & I hope you like it. If nothing else, you’ll be full at the end 🙂

  • #6
    July 31st, 2009

    So this is the place you guys have been raving about! I have to drag Mr Taste here this weekend.

  • #7
    August 3rd, 2009

    Jealous that you guys have already visited there!
    Tweet/txt me next time you guys are heading down 🙂