spotlight: enliven sydney & a tasty treat

May 15, 2009

mainpictureIt seems everyone today has the same complaints downloaden maps. “I’m so busy” one will say, as you catch up with them on a quick stroll between work and the gym, to be followed later by a dinner and a quick list of things to do before bed steuerbescheid herunterladen finanzamt. “Everything costs so much these days” another will sigh, whilst paying for their $3.50 coffee, $9.00 salad and $6.00 polystyrene bowl of soup with money from their $120.00 purse gute nacht gif kostenlosen. And I can’t but feel the pain, because oh-so-often, I find myself skipping breakfast on the dash to the bus and rapidly crossing dinner choices off in my head because, hey, I gotta eat tomorrow as well to English.

Which would explain why I was quietly pleased at being enlightened about the enliven sydney card and carman’s muesli rounds herunterladen.


It’s no secret that Sydney offers a melee of better-than-great places to eat and drink, but the fact that money is a little tighter and the promise of continued income is a little less secure means that many of us aren’t so willing to go great guns when selecting a place to eat at iphone mediathek. Two solutions for that: firstly, stock up on beans and legumes. They’re delicious when cooked just so and have a wonderfully high satiety value so you won’t go hungry download uit newsgroepen. And secondly? Check this little baby out.

the enliven card

The enliven card, among other things, allows you to take a guest for free to a selection of Sydney eateries download pictures from the mobile phone. Oh really? Well yes! So if you want to pop by Cafe Mix, harbourbar or any of the wide selection of restaurants covered by the card, you’ll be able to do so without the added concern of a giant end-bill sap textbook download for free.

The enliven sydney card can be downloaded for free at the visitnsw website java downloaden kostenlos. It also provide discounts on a variety of spa treatments, attractions and events.

carman’s muesli rounds


If you follow me on twitter, you’ll know at least one thing about my breakfast habits (or general lack thereof). We’re always told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but what to do when the bus is coming, you have nothing that’s wrinkle-free to wear and there’s meeting starting at 9am? (Apart from waking up a touch earlier and ironing on the weekend that is).


Now I love Carman’s muesli, but it’s a weekend consumption deal for me – the time taken to pour a bowl of muesli, then some milk, and then to shovel it down (chewing each mouthful thoroughly so as not to choke) doesn’t quite fit into my weekday morning schedule. So I ws very (very) pleased to receive these in the mail last week.

Carman’s muesli rounds are 35% muesli mixed in with a smattering of fruit, tasty butter, flour & brown sugar to make a not-quite-biscuit-and-not-quite-cake-like mound of tasty goodness.


I’m personally quite a big fan of the apricot and almond variety, and at $5 for a box of 5 (they were on sale for $4 at Coles the last time I looked too) they cost a significant amount less than my usual butter-and-honey-on-turkish at the cafe for brekkie.

I’ve also found them great for sticking in my bag in case of a very hungry Bean, or for a quick snack in between all that dashing around we busy people do. Speaking of which… I’ve gotta run!

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    Arwen from Hoglet K
    May 15th, 2009

    Muesli bars are a handy snack. My current favourite is the Brookfarm bar (the gluten free version for me). The Brookfarm muesli is great too. They’re not super easy to find and are a bit expensive, but they’re my favourite on taste.

  • #2
    May 16th, 2009

    Wow, these Carmen’s rounds are really making the ahh… rounds, for lack of a better word.

    The enliven card is a great thing for the current times. Though, would you go to any of the participating eateries if you didn’t have the card?

  • #3
    May 16th, 2009

    the enliven offers are really good, i haven’t gotten round to using mine yet – too busy. lol.