blackbird cafe

April 22, 2009

blackbird cafeIt feels like it was an age ago (and perhaps that’s because it was). A party of four, zipping from Eveleigh Markets (where we collected the effervescent Suze) and into the city schleswig-holstein app. A spot in a car park. A walk down Park Street. FFichiban visited an ATM. Suze got distracted by TimTams and disappeared down the aisles. Karen & I chased her and FFichiban couldn’t find us. And all of this before we’d even decided where to have lunch powtoon for free.
We were walking down to Cockle Bay, or thereabouts. This much we knew. Because the sole purpose of the trip into the city was waffles. Well, that was my purpose anyway. But a lunch before that (and, for some, a breakfast) was mandatory. Gluten free pastries, apple pie, ice cream & focaccia are nice, but they do not a lunch make herunterladen. “Maybe we can go to James Squire?” said FFichiban. But we didn’t feel like meat. And driving would have precluded the consumption of beery beverages. And so Blackbird it was.


pink lemonade
pink lemonade $4

I hadn’t been to Blackbird Cafe in, oh, seven years – the last foray being a “dinner date” with a would-be-suitor brightcove video herunterladen. Hm. But on arrival, we are offered a selection of tables. And then a selection of drinks. “OH! Pink Lemonade!” I exclaim, to the amusement of the rest. It is ordered with a sheepish grin and served with a raised eyebrow. Nothing too fancy, its just a shot of raspberry cordial in lemonade, but enough to thrill my socks off gta 5 herunterladen kostenlos pc. I am, after all, a six year old girl in pigtails and a flouncy dress at heart.

fish and chips
fish & chips $19.90

I also order the fish & chips. Two large serves of crispy battered fish arrive on a bed of half-crunchy-half-not-so-much chips. Tartare and lemon accompany the deep fried tangle and I cut the fish open for inspection englische hörbücher download kostenlos. “I’m probably going to have Mister Trout for dinner” I had said when deciding on my meal “But he’s a pink fish. And this will be white fish. So it’s not like I’m having two meals of the same thing. Not really.” At this point Suze laughed and yanked a little notebook out from her bag herunterladen. “You’re kinda crazy” she said.

The fish (barramundi) is firm and cooked well. And the serve is too big for me to finish, and half of the second piece of fish is snuck onto FFichiban’s plate for him to finish. “Heyyy that wasn’t there before” he says, as I look around faux-innocently.

ceasar salad with cajun prawns
classic caesar salad with cajun prawns $19.90

Karen has ordered a Caesar Salad amazon prime kann man musik downloaden. With cajun prawns. “Something light” she explains when we all look at her. “A salad?” we were thinking, and our thoughts were duly voiced. But the salad was large and the prawns were spicy. “Oh!” said Karen, after chomping down on the first one “Ahhhhh!” The cheese (which she had forgotten to non-request) was scooped from the salad and dumped on Suze’s pizza map in minecraft herunterladen. “Five cheese pizza!” she exclaimed.

four cheese pizza plus pumpkin
quattro formaggi $22.90 (plus pumpkin)

It had originally been a four cheese pizza. Bocconcini, mozzerella, gorgonzola & ricotta. And then “Can I also have pumpkin on it?” so two and a bit slices of pumpkin, judiciously sliced into quarters had been added herunterladen nicht möglich handy. Truth be told, the pumpkin looked a little sad and lonely, and we had expected maybe a scattering of cubed roast pumpkin, but it would do. I had a slice and found it cheesy. And once I got past the cheesy, I found the base dry and nicely textured and the oil a little much by the end of the slice. Suze was happy enough with it, making cheesy pizza strings and grinning as she munched.

seafood fry up
fishermans platter $24.90

FFichiban had originally thought to get the fish & chips. But I was ordering that, and so in the interests of different meals, he picked its upsize. A piece of battered barra, prawns, squid & mussels arrived on a plate with chips and two dipping sauces (an aioli and a “ginger sauce” says the menu). It is all, and I mean all, deep fried into golden crunchiness. It’s a lot of food for one person if that person is me. And from memory, it is a just-right amount of food for one person if that person is a boy who likes to eat.

So eat we did. And when we were done (and when Suze’s Strongbow was down to its final semi-lukewarm drops) we headed off, trying to push the food we’d just eaten aside in our stomachs for just down the windy, windy stairs were waffles.

Blackbird Cafe
Balcony Level, Cockle Bay Wharf
Darling Harbour NSW 2000
ph (02) 9283 7385

  • #1
    Jen (jenius.com.au)
    April 22nd, 2009

    that pink lemonade looks unnaturally fluorescent!

  • #2
    April 22nd, 2009

    Shame about the pumpkin, very poor effort by the chef!

  • #3
    April 22nd, 2009

    What a cute post. It’s like a little bedtime story. All that’s missing is “The End” and a picture of said waffles.

  • #4
    Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella
    April 22nd, 2009

    Wow, that pink lemonade is pinker than I’ve ever seen. Was the glass pink? The pumpkin looks very sad indeed but yay for big meals!

  • #5
    April 22nd, 2009

    Ohmigod pink lemonade!!! *hearts* I was obsessed with pink lemonade when I was little, I blame The Sound of Music.

  • #6
    April 22nd, 2009

    I like the pink lemonade 🙂 Good choice of lunch before waffles.

  • #7
    Arwen from Hoglet K
    April 22nd, 2009

    The pink lemonade is beautifully girly 🙂 You need to drink it in those pink sandles and fairy dresses of our childhood.

  • #8
    Simon Food Favourites
    April 22nd, 2009

    this is great timing because i have a dinner on this friday at this place hehe. any recommendations i should look out for? i’m thinking kangaroo loin or roasted lamb rack i spotted on their website menu.

    simon 🙂

  • #9
    April 23rd, 2009

    BWAHAHAHA ahhh you were so happy with your pink lemonade! and your mr fish lol

  • #10
    April 24th, 2009

    I turned around and noone was thhheerrrrreee T.T Hee hee you and your fishies ^^! Mmmm the cheese pizza was awesome and should have moooree!

  • #11
    May 3rd, 2009

    Jen: it does, doesn't it? i think the combination of taking the photo from the top & sticking it on white paper may have contributed somewhat.

    Howard: mmmyes. i was expecting it to be roasted and scattered.

    Y: was leaving an opening for a sequel. every good story has a lacklustre sequel 🙂

    Lorraine: yay for big meals indeed! i was stuffed to the hilt.

    Steph: girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes! i blame the Sound of Music too 🙂

    Anita: though i should maybe have ordered something lighter and then et more at the waffle joint…

    Arwen: isn’t it delightfully girly? loveit!

    Simon: oh, i’m too late aren’t i? what did you end up getting?

    Suze: fishfishfishfishpink!

    FFichiban: oh oops sorryyyy!