king crab village

February 21, 2009

mking crab village - the entranceI know. Chinese New Year ended a fortnight ago. But there was so much eating done, and so little time in which to record it. Like this meal, for example. A last minute affair, courtesy of 1x newborn baby in a hospital in Parramatta (not mine), the family being in a car to visit said baby, and a sign on the side of a building that said “Peking Duck”. Also, we conjectured later, it was the last day of Chinese New Year the next day, and we should probably celebrate somehow. We are very good at making up excuses when it comes to eating fahren lernen download kostenlos. Truly, we are.

It was with these plentiful excuses in our heads (and the promise of Peking Duck, and maybe even some crab) that we ventured into Carlingford Court on a quiet Sunday evening. We were greeted, promisingly, by a happy waiter (do I love me a happy waiter or what?) and plates of biscuits all laid out and ready for bill time. We were led, even more promisingly, to a table bigger than was necessary for us, away from the other diners (who were spread out across the restaurant) and (bonus!) one with good lighting. Complementary peanuts were served, and we began to peruse the menus.

peking duck elements imagename
the elements – awaiting assembly

I should warn you now, everything has a catch wie viele folgen downloaden netflix. That lovely sign, promising two courses of Peking Duck for $18.80 is the real deal. But for said real deal to apply, you also have to order three other dishes at full price. Ditto the fish special, and the crab special. Having already eaten half the peanuts at the time this was explained to us, and not wishing to move in any case, we settled instead for the banquet for four at a total cost of $98.80. (I’m pre-empting myself here, but should note that takeaway containers are $0.50 each. Ditto freshly cut chilli).

Many people order the banquet, explained the friendly waiter, because it is good value herunterladen. Also, all the dishes on it are what would be ordered anyway.

the duck being carved
the duck being carved

We started with the Peking Duck. Seeing I had a camera, the friendly waiter offered to carve the duck at the table (so I could get a better shot) rather than on the trolley (where it was usually carved). He was so obliging, even pausing at one stage to check that he wasn’t getting in the way of my pictures. Nice man.

peking duck pancake
peking duck pancake

The duck itself was lovely and crisp skinned download games for free. The pancakes were warm to the touch and not too soft, nor too floury. Yum.

1x duck - post chopping
1x duck – post chopping

Once the skin had been removed, the carcass was taken back to the kitchen, chopped up and brought again to the table for us to pick at. I’m used to having the meat separated from the bone and served up with fried noodles or similar so found this an interesting version of the “two dish” theme. It was not, however, a bad version as it meant that lunch the next day was super easy to throw together.

crab with tunghoon prestirring
crab with tung-hoon; pre-stirring

Next up, the crab in hot pot with tung-hoon and XO sauce wie kann man herunterladen musik. *pause* My MY this was good! A clay vessel was presented containing nothing, it seemed at first, but noodle. And then we stirred. And then we cheered!

crab with tunghoon poststirring
crab with tung-hoon; post-stirring!

I’m not normally a fan of blue swimmer crab (too fiddly, watery meat, brittle shell) but this one was a treat. Plump and meaty, with the flesh pulling away easily from the shell download sp1 from the microsoft website. The tung-hoon (a thick, translucent noodle made from beans) had soaked up all of the flavour from the crab and the XO sauce and was absolutely delicious. I have to say, this was the highlight of my night. Baby excluded of course.

crisp skin chicken with salt
crisp skin chicken with salt

The excess was followed by some stock standards. Crispy skin chicken with spicy salt was tender and succulent (even the breast meat). It’s so nice to see a simple dish well done. It also featured a whole chicken app runterladen downloaden. Now, my family does not finish a whole chicken between us on a good day, so at this point, we decided that the chicken would most likely end up coming home with us.

bok choy
bok choy

The veges, however, we scoffed down at the table. Sweet and simple, the bok choy was the perfect foil to the other, oilier, dishes. Though the slick you see on the surface of the vegetable kinda hints at it’s potentially-less-than-healthy cooking method amazon prime filme kostenlos herunterladen.
And we were done. Or so we thought.

As we packed the remains up into takeaway containers (half a duck, most of a chicken), I spotted a table being served bowls of something, scooped from a pot behind the counter. “Please please please red bean soup” I muttered to myself. And it was to be! *hooray!*

free bikkies
free bikkies!

Complementary biscuits (one buttery and coconutty, the other crunchy and covered in sesame seeds) were brought to the table. One each and a couple spare download the logo for free.

oranges on ice

Then the oranges, served on a bed of freshly shaved ice.

red bean soup
hooray! red bean soup!

And finally, hot, citrussy, sweet and satisfying, red bean soup. *Ahhhhhhhhh*

So home we trudged. Takeaways in hand, mental notes made duolingo kostenlos herunterladen. Next time, for there will be a next time, the Peking Duck will make a comeback. As will the crab. The chicken will become a fish (for two birds in one meal is too much bird) and the red bean soup will be eagerly sought after.


King Crab Village Seafood Restaurant
Shop 19G, 372 Pennant Hills Road
ph 02 9872 9255

Opening Hours: 7 days 11am-3pm & 5pm-11pm

  • #1
    February 22nd, 2009

    Yum I went here for a birthday and we all ordered a mud crab each. The Singapore Mud crab was absolutely gorgeous (better than Harry’s). The service here is def more friendlier than most!

  • #2
    February 22nd, 2009

    A chinese restaurant with friendly service :O? I must check out this place myself! Hee hee the food looks good too mmm and I say more bird!

  • #3
    February 22nd, 2009

    why blue swimmer crab!? isn’t the place called KING crab!?!? boo! glad it was good though!

    thought I would de-lurk to say hi! *waves*


  • #4
    February 22nd, 2009

    Karen: one each?! hmm… mental note to order mud crab next time.

    FFichiban: it was uber-yum. i would have liked a fish though. chicken and duck get very same-same after a while.

    em: hallo! and well, i don’t know. maybe because they couldn’t fit a mud crab in the dish. (though i’m sure if they tried hard enough… maybe not).

  • #5
    February 22nd, 2009

    mmmm Crab tang hoong. Reminds me of Singapore!

  • #6
    February 23rd, 2009

    Howard: yummy huh? i like prawn tang hoon even better though (maybe because i’m lazy to crack open the crab) 🙂

  • #7
    February 25th, 2009

    yummm… i have the biggest craving for the peking duck.. hahhaa the mere mention of the word crab reeled me in.

  • #8
    April 8th, 2010

    Having left Sydney 8 years back, I struggle to know where is a good place for dinner (and reasonably priced) to take my party of 18 (uncles, grandma etc) for dinner in 2 weeks time.

    I came by this page accidentally and I must say very happy to see the commentary and photos; suggesting to me that this may be a very suitable venue indeed.

    How big is the restaurant and would you know how much the banquet was? (and if it is good value at all?)

    Thanks heaps!