benz on york cafe

February 5, 2009

titleofimageSometimes, working in the city means bus in, bus out. Battling the surges of people on the walk through QVB. Going against the pedestrian traffic like a salmon swimming upstream. Sometimes working in the city means staring out the window at a flock of bird-like yachts sailing out through the heads at 4pm on a Friday afternoon youtube music on handy. Popping into shops “just to look” and popping out again a whole lot poorer, yet a whole lot richer. But best of all, working in the city means that last-minute lunches with friends are only three and a bit blocks away.

It was, on all accounts, a happy day. A Friday. I, in my non-business-appropriate-attire. The sun, in all its ice-cream melting glory download win 10 pro iso. A lunch scheduled with Miss Shiny & D-Dot. “We’re meeting at the Benz”, texted Miss Shiny. “The where?” I thought. I’d seen it before, I knew I had. But where? Oh! There!

It was packed when we arrived at 1pm. The heat had driven all and sunder indoors, and there was only the one table for two outside adobe reader pdf for free. “We’ll take it”, we said. And the lovely waiter (whose name I didn’t ask, but whose service I adored) pulled another chair up for us and passed us some menus. “I probably should warn you, the kitchen is running a bit behind on the orders today” apologised the kindly waiter. “How long is the wait?” we asked herunterladen von älteren office versionen. “What time do you need to be done?” said he. “By 2?” “Well that’s fine then. You’ll be well and done by 2! Now did you want a drink?” I appreciated the honesty.

coke, sprite & bitter lemon – $3.50 each

We pondered, we umm-ed and ahh-ed humax pr-hd2000c download the channel list duration. We ordered some drinks, and then our meals. “That’s the first time someone has ever asked specifically for the Bitter Lemon” the kindly waiter said, when I placed my drink order. “Normally they ask for the Lemon, Lime and Bitters.” They came out sealed in their bottles, accompanied by glasses filled with ice download the writing program for free. “To lunches! And sunshine!”

chicken risotto $12.90

The food arrived in due course. First up, D-Dot’s chicken risotto. Brilliantly green from the pesto, but not so much that it was unnatural. Cubes of chicken were littered throughout, and the rice was cooked just so download motive. Not gluggy, not too tough – just that little bit of a bite, which was accentuated by the crunchy bits of pinenut that I’m assuming formed part of the pesto. Near the end of the meal, when we were full up & over our food, D-Dot & I swapped our meals, and polished off the remainders of what was previousy inedible mozilla neueste version downloaden. Inedible? Ha!

chicken crepe $12.90

Miss Shiny was looking forward to the crepe. Also chicken. “They do it differently here,” she said. And she was right. Slices of buttered white bread accompanied the crepe, filled, scattered with cheese and then baked so that every mouthful was a warm, molten goodness sims 3 objects download. “Mmmmnnyuhhhm…”

fettucine boscaiola $12.90

I felt like pasta, as I often do when Miss Shiny is around. She looked at me when I ordered the boscaiola, knowing full well that there would be a point, about halfway through, where I would clutch at my lactose-intolerant self and groan brackets kostenlos. She looked at me again, halfway through, when this happened, and laughed. “But I felt like mushrooms” I said “and bacon, and pasta and ohhhhhhhh”. I ate it anyway, and didn’t regret it any. Not too salty, not too plain. I did, however, prefer D-Dot’s risotto, and she, conveniently, preferred my pasta. So happy times were had by all.

complementary fruit

We were almost done with our meals, punctuated with exclamations and plans for dinner, our friendly waiter’s “Everything ok?” and an odd interjection from the guy on the table next door, “Oh my God. You’re taking photos of your food. She’s taking photos of her food! My friend takes photos of his food. Are you on holiday? No? That’s crazy.”, when said friendly waiter rocked up with a plate of fruit for us and a happy grin. “Everything ok?” he asked. “MmmmHmm!” said we. And it was.

Benz on York Cafe
83 York Street,
Sydney, NSW 2000
ph: (02) 9299 8583

  • #1
    February 6th, 2009

    LOL at random guy on the next table (next door? :P) hee hee did you hand him one of your business cards ;)?
    Oohh I don’t really know that many good cafes around city so thhxx

  • #2
    February 8th, 2009

    FFichiban: hmmm – he was cute, but no. He did stop to say goodbye though, when he had finished. Oh! And I hear that they do $4 bacon and egg sammiches there (and BIG ones too!) and all day!

    I might have to investigate further 🙂