very berry ice-cream choux-wiches

August 21, 2012

“It’s a Rock n Roll themed dinner” came the emailed invitation. “But no need to get dressed up! Just bring along a dish that’s in the shape of a roll.”

“Why,” pondered I to Koji after clicking the accept button, “should it not be something in the shape of a rock or a roll? After all, if it were only rolls, wouldn’t it have to be called a Roll n Roll party?”


“Well then,” replied Koji “why don’t you make something that looks like a rock, but has the word roll in it? Say, profiter-rolls?”

And with that, we burst into the kind of laughter that only the pun-tastic amongst us would understand.

Ours was the only dessert on the seven course menu, inspired (as with most of our food these days) by a dessert we had at a kitsch little bistro in Paris – though those profiteroles were filled with mounds of vanilla by Berthillon.

Before it came artisan rolls with olive oil & balsamic, home made spring rolls, asian-flavoured sausage rolls, savoury rolled (and crumbed and deep fried) pancakes, vietnamese rice paper rolls (with an amazing nutty dipping sauce) and a couple of calzone.

Because apparently, “Calzone is pizza in a roll. Sort of. It’s rolled over itself. So it’s roll shaped. Right?”

And then, once bellies started to free themselves from the grips of over-eating and hot teas had been poured and consumed, we wandered into the kitchen for dessert.

A baggie of choux puffs, ready to be torn in two sat on one bench, alongside some plates. Next to it, the ice-cream station (with three selections, no more, no less). And finally, a pot of molten chocolate fudge sauce to top it all off. Sticky fingers and chocolate smeared mouths.

I wandered back into the kitchen once everyone had downed their share and found Koji standing at the chocolate station, spooning chocolate fudge sauce onto his mostly empty plate and eating it with a spoon, whilst a somewhat horrified Steph looked on.

I saved a couple (ok, half a batch) of choux pastries from the weekend for this month’s Sweet Adventures Blog Hop with its berry-licious theme.

There were originally plans of strawberry and cream pie, lush berry laden meringue crunch filled Eton Messes and ruby red sorbet reruns, but being honest, my budget doesn’t really stretch to fresh berries in Winter.

So I made do.

With boysenberry swirl ice cream from the freezer and a little baggie of leftover frozen raspberries from back in the day when my budget stretched much further than it does now.

(Not that the lack made this any less delicious. Oh no it did not.)

very berry ice-cream choux-wiches

you will need:

boysenberry ice cream
300g dark chocolate
300ml cream
1 recipe choux pastries
1/4C frozen raspberries (optional)

how to do it:

1. Melt the dark chocolate and cream together in a saucepan over low heat, stirring occasionally to ensure none of it catches and burns on the bottom. Keep warm.

2. Cut the choux pastries in half and fill with a good scoop of ice cream.

3. Pile them up on a plate and drizzle with chocolate sauce and a smattering of crushed frozen raspberries.


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