tour de france (and amsterdam)

July 9, 2012

It all started with a lazy Saturday afternoon conversation sometime in September 2011.

“I think I’m done travelling for a while” said Koji.

“All done? But I’ve never been to Europe! I want to go everywhere! To Spain and Italy and Portugal. Or anywhere really!”

“I guess I’ve never been to France before. I’ve always side stepped it. The South of France could tempt me to go over to Europe again.”

“The South of France it is then!”

But we were daydreaming and poor and lacking in annual leave so let that dream slide back into the world of “someday maybe” for a while.

November rolled around and an excited Koji stared at me with wide eyes.

“$1,100 return to Amsterdam. Should we do it?”

“Why not?”

And so we did, and here it is!

The painfully detailed holiday slideshow you’ve all been waiting for!

Well, sort of. As in, this is an introductory post. You know, the kind that sets out where we’re going and what kind of sights you’ll be seeing along this little virtual trip with me.

(Me, being the bodiless chick with the red knitted headband that’s currently flying around a map.)


onebitemore’s tour de france! (and amsterdam)

That’s better!

The first stop of the tour will hit your computer screens on Saturday 14th July (yeehah Bastille Day! Hooray for decapitations!) and you’ll be able to join in every Friday following for another pit stop until we reach the end of our time together and get to spend 18 hours stuck in an airport lounge in Jakarta before finally (finally) heading home.

If you want to catch up on what’s already been published, you can head back to this page at any time as I’ll be updating the links to the stops below (and possibly switching and swapping them around a bit depending on whether a stop is especially interesting or boring. Hint: Riom? Boring.)

the itinerary

leg #1: 44 hours in Amsterdam

aka: this is what I’m like on no sleep, with jetlag

post #01: cold & jetlagged in Amsterdam

post #02: hungry & delirious in Amsterdam

leg #2: a week in Nice

aka: Shez rides a bicycle, falls over, kicks bicycle, comfort eats. Repeat.

post#03: it’s nice in Nice

leg #2A: side trips from Nice

aka: hanging with the rich & famous in Monaco, ditto in Cannes & falling in love with Cassis

leg #3: getting Provencal (baby)

aka: road trip! Too many macaron in Aix-en-Provence & staying on a mini olive grove in St Remy du Provence

leg #3A: side trips from St Remy

aka: the walls of Avignon, a dude named Benezet & a giant roman aqueduct

leg #4: the road & Riom

aka: one of these is more exciting than the other. Riom is the other.

leg #5: playing princess

aka: the Loire Valley Chateaux

leg #5A: actually playing princess!

aka: our very own chateau! (well, for one night anyway)

leg #6: Paris!

aka: Shez tackles the bicycle (again) and succeeds! Blames previous failure on lack of wine.

leg #7: Amsterdam redux

aka: so this is what it’s all about. I see. Also, pass me that burger.

Bonne Voyage!

ps) Riom? I’m sorry, I never really gave you a chance. You may redeem yourself yet.