android ice-cream sandwiches

March 7, 2012

Geek alert! 

Ever since hearing that the new Google Android Ice-Cream Sandwich operating system update would go live for my phone sometime in the first quarter of this year, I’ve been obsessively checking all manner of tech blogs to see when it would happen.

Only problem being that every time I started reading about ice-cream sandwiches, I started wanting an ice-cream sandwich.

So to bridge the gap between Shez-the-wannabe-geek and Shez-who-perpetually-has-food-on-the-brain I decided to make said ice-cream sandwiches. But not just any ice-cream sandwiches… Oh no.

Google Android Ice-Cream Sandwiches!!

I may have gotten a little carried away when I started to take photos of them. To put in in the words of my mister, “You’ve got a wild imagination happening there.”

(I hope you enjoy the fruits of my wild imagination regardless).

(If you want to know how I made them, please let me know and I’ll put up a happy non-geek friendly tutorial.)

(Regular recipe transmission will commence from the next post.)

scene: onebitemore HQ – kitchen benchtop

“Oh…um… hi! You’re really pretty and filled with mint choc-chip ice cream.”

“Turns out I’m filled with mint choc-chip ice cream too. Also, I like you.”

“Really?! That makes me the happiest girl android in the world!”

But in the background, another android had noticed the goings on and wasn’t too pleased.

“I’ll never get the girl. I don’t even have a bow tie.”

In desperation, the androgynous, un-bow-tied android hatched a plan to get the girl android to notice him.

“Oh no! That poor androgynous android is dead!”

(He wasn’t dead of course, he just wanted some attention).

The other androids looked on curiously.

“Did it work? Did it work?”

“It didn’t work. She just told me to get up off the benchtop.”

That setback wasn’t enough to deter him, oh no. So Mister very-persistent-androgynous-Android came up with another plan. One that involved the hands (and teeth) of his (or her) maker.

(singing Bruno Mars) “I would get someone to bite off my eaaarrr for ya!”

Girl Android started to look faint.

Boy Android started to look green.

“Uhhh… you’ve got something a little green dripping from your hand there”

And then Girl Android looked down at her right hand… all of the stress had made her… MELT!!

Upon which, the androgynous Android realised that, in the end, they were all made of green and he probably shouldn’t have let a big orange-clad girl chomp off his ear and face.