two hundred: a recap

April 6, 2011

Two. Hundred. Posts.

It seemed fitting that I celebrate this occasion with a short rewind of what’s happened since the last time I celebrated a milestone like this.

So, without any further crazy commentary from me, here’s ten of my favourite posts from the last hundred. In no particular order. Because narrowing it down to ten was hard enough. So hard that I had to ignore the most recent ten posts because I figure you’ve only just seen them. Actually, I lie. They’re in chronological order. It made it easier on me that way.

#01: raspberry & rosewater macaron

September 2009: My very first attempt at macaron, all the way back in September 2009. Soon to be followed by green tea & chocolate macaron and the “it’s not a hamburger“.


#02: an interview with Tom Kime

September 2009: I had the opportunity to lunch with the effervescent Tom Kime to talk life as a chef, the River Cafe and how he became a writer.

copyright tom kime


#03: excursion: a malaysian egg farm

September 2009: Ever wonder where your eggs come from? Well if you live in Malaysia, their beginnings may look something a little like this. And if you’re wondering what goes on in Malaysia in general, you might have a squiz at this collection of posts


#04: homemade pizza bases

December 2009: Yeast. My long time enemy. Until I decided to make a turn around, shake hands and give this easy recipe a shot. And get cheese all over my camera. True story. Didn’t deter me from making focaccia though. No-one gets between me and my yeast now.


#05: homemade crumpets

June 2010: Seriously, does anyone in the world not like breakfast? I can’t get enough of it. Seriously. I’ll eat breakfast for dinner given half a chance. Which would probably explain the waffles. And that easter loaf.


#06: hainanese chicken soup

August 2010: The lurgy has struck and all and sunder have succumbed to its wiley ways. Luckily for them (and me) I’ve fallen into a bit of a soup habit and have next to no difficulty in playing nurse. Or pulling out a favourite recipe. Or adding bacon (though that last one was probably not so good an idea).


#07: lavender & lemon cordial

September 2010: Spring has sprung and my mother’s lavender bush goes wild. I, meanwhile, have decided that sugar syrups are the way to go this Summer if I’m to be drinking anything semi-palatable. Which then leads to all sorts of crazy bottled goods. Like ginger & lemon beer. And that gorgeous pink grapefruit & vanilla number I never got around to showing you…


#08: rhubarb & strawberry jam

November 2010: In which I taste rhubarb for the very first time. Which is crazy talk, seeing as I’ve had a Summer-long affair with the tart red stems ever since. Hello galette and cobbler. Yum yum yum!


#09: chocolate caramel tarts

November 2010. After months of struggling with the concept of dulce de leche – I have a fear of hot exploding metal – I mustered up the courage to give it a shot and ended up with these divine little pistachio-or-crystallised-ginger flavoured tarts. Fear conquered, I’ve since done the dulce de leche crowd proud by making it again(!) to fill some “oreos“.


#10: video: steamed dumplings

January 2011. Heralded with those four magic words: “I’m on your tee-vee!” – 2011 marked the year that I toughened up, stuck myself on the other side of the camera and flung flour into the air as I demonstrated the (not so) fine art of making your own dumpling skins. I’ve managed to convince myself to do another two since then, on pita bread and chocolate cake, and am contemplating making this whole video thing a monthly occurrence. What do you reckon?

Which brings me all the way back to today. And this 200th post on onebitemore.

Thanks for travelling with me so far all you crazy wonderful people out there! I hope we can eat even more in the next hundred.

Love, S x